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A Curated LHM Registry: Erica Galia’s Registry Must-Haves

One year after giving birth to her first child, we asked Erica Galia—birth guide and co-founder of the Rooted Beings meditation collective—to reflect on her postpartum year and the support she surrounded herself with on her journey. As someone who practices daily mindfulness and supports other women on their own respective journeys, we were so excited when Erica agreed to share what her village looked like with our community. Sure enough, her journey was both well-informed and incredibly inspiring, as she used her intuition to guide her towards a homebirth and a beautifully-supported postpartum period. Read on for Erica’s Little Honey Money registry must-haves and know that you, too, can curate your own meaningful and supported entry to motherhood with Little Honey Money.

Erica Galia’s Registry Must-Haves


During my second trimester, I started receiving acupuncture to not only support my nervous system but also to keep my various bodies, including my growing baby, in a harmonious state. Pregnancy and the journey of birth encompass numerous external variables that are beyond our control. By incorporating acupuncture, I aimed to relieve any stress or imbalances that may have been unconsciously or consciously impacting my energy and well-being, ensuring a more balanced state for both myself and my baby.


Through maintaining regular visits to my chiropractor twice a month during my second trimester and then weekly visits in the third trimester, I witnessed the amazing benefits of this consistent care. The adjustments I believe played a crucial role in preserving the flow of energy within my body, restoring balance, and aligning everything. For me, these adjustments prevented a multitude of aches and pains, allowing me to experience my pregnancy journey more fully and completely with presence. 


At the cellular level, the frequencies of sound healing intertwine, weaving a tapestry of inner peace that nurtures our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. During my pregnancy, it was paramount for me to reduce any sources of stress. My unwavering intention was to cultivate a safe and serene space within my womb, where high vibrations of love overflowed for the well-being of my little babe. 


Being a birth doula myself, I understand the essence of having one. After interviewing a few doulas, I discovered the perfect match who felt truly aligned and a full body, ‘yes!’. During labor, her grounding presence worked wonders, infusing me with strength and guidance and my husband. The memory of her gentle, yet firm voice remains a divine echo, reminding me to let go and embrace the miraculous journey unfolding before me.


Given that most of my family resided out of town, I leaned on the invaluable support of our postpartum doula to nurture and care for me. Beyond assisting with light housekeeping, she lovingly prepared warm meals, provided gentle massages infused with reiki, and facilitated a closing of the bones ceremony, a beautiful ritual.


From the moment I discovered my pregnancy, I felt a deep calling for a homebirth. Birth is a natural process guided by our innate wisdom. Envisioning my baby’s arrival, I yearned for a loving, serene, and undisturbed experience in a space where I felt utmost comfort—my own home. This decision led me to collaborate with a midwife, as I cherished the unique aspects of midwifery care. The hour-long visits, the assurance of having my chosen midwife present during delivery, and the personalized postpartum support resonated with my heart deeply. The benefits of midwifery care are plentiful, and I encourage you to explore this subject further through your own research.


Birth is a divine and challenging journey for both mother and baby, requiring immense energy and effort. When my little one, Goldie, arrived on Earth, I sensed the intensity of her transition. She voiced her discomfort loudly, reflecting the struggle of adjusting to this new dimension. Babies are accustomed to the soft, cozy, and warm confines of the womb, so the sudden exposure to the outside world can be daunting. To ease Goldie’s adaptation, I chose gentle and soft cranial sacral therapy, allowing her to find equilibrium and tranquility.


Engaging in mindful movement throughout my pregnancy was a practice that kept me deeply connected to my body. It became a cherished ritual that allowed me to honor and appreciate the incredible journey of growth, expansion, and strength it was undergoing. With each intentional movement, I felt a profound sense of gratitude welling up within me, as I witnessed firsthand the miraculous process of nurturing new life within.


After giving birth, we enter the exquisite and unfiltered chapter of postpartum. This sacred phase embodies deep renewal, introspection, and integration. As we transition into motherhood, our bodies undergo a delicate yet profound transformation. It becomes a time of mental, energetic, and physical hibernation, where we turn inward, creating space for healing, bonding with our babies, and reconnecting with our innate wisdom as mothers. I found solace and comfort by joining a circle of like-minded mothers, engaging in yoga, meditation, and open-hearted discussions. Within this nurturing community, I felt the comforting presence of fellow mothers, united in our journey of evolving into our new selves.

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