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A Curated LHM Registry: Noora Raj Brown’s Registry Must-Haves

As a key executive for the goop brand, Noora Raj Brown knows what’s good. That’s why, when we asked her to curate a Little Honey Money registry, we knew her list would be covetable. Take note from the lifestyle vanguard and mother, who admits she “over-indexed on beautiful baby clothes” ahead of her daughter’s birth—and found that sleep and healing were the simple luxuries she appreciated most in the early weeks of motherhood. Curious how to get more sleep with a new baby? Read on for Noora’s registry must-haves—and remember, you can register for all of her items and more with Little Honey Money.

Noora Raj Brown’s Registry Must-Haves


I had basically no experience with babies when I had my daughter—the first diaper I ever changed was in the hospital after she was born—and I was overridden with anxiety that I didn’t know what she needed or couldn’t give it to her. When I came home trembling to the baby nurse, she’d already organized her entire nursery and made a list of everything I should’ve bought that I hadn’t. I over-indexed on beautiful baby clothes from Maisonette and completely forgot to buy newborn onesies in bulk. My birth wasn’t a terrible experience, but I still felt completely broken physically, and having that luxury to sleep and heal for the first few weeks saved me.


I was religious about going to prenatal lymphatic drainage massages every week, and for the first few months postpartum. I didn’t have any swelling prior to giving birth and I chalk it up to my obsession with my masseuse.


After I gave my birth, my mother, who is a bit of an Ayurvedic guru, came to live with us and created a lactation-focused and healing meal plan for me. It’s so crucial to eat nourishing food to bring your body back to life, and I wish everyone had a little Indian mother in their kitchen worrying about them postpartum.


I was a bit late to having babies, so while I had a wonderful tribe of friends with children, most of their kids were a little older and they had done it all before. Having a group of first-time mothers, with a lot of the same questions and fears and insecurities, made the first year so much easier.


Breastfeeding is a whole journey, and the first few weeks—or more—can be incredibly painful. The lactation consultants at Cedars were so helpful. 


I took a long time to get pregnant. The failed rounds of IVFs, the surgeries—all of it was emotionally harrowing. I didn’t invest in therapy at the time, but looking back, I really wish I had.


Most of my friends sent gorgeous gifts that I had registered for. My friend Mandana told me quite bluntly that she had no intention of doing so, and instead I got a box full of disposable diapers, belly bands, and witch hazel pads—all the unsexy things that I desperately needed.

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