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A Mindful Approach To Including Loved Ones With Your New Baby

If you’re seeking a meaningful way to include loved ones in your new baby’s life—this one’s for you. Existing dynamics with friends and family can be tricky enough as it is, and when you add a new baby to the mix, it certainly has the potential to bring up unfamiliar expectations and emotions for everyone involved. While the new parents are undoubtedly the ones in charge of when and how others interact with the baby, you might find yourself in position of power amongst your loved ones, that you’ve never experienced before. No doubt it is a dream and and honor to have people in your life that want to show you and your baby the love that you deserve. But it can also be unexpectedly overwhelming—learning about your new baby and your new self, highly hormonal, while also feeling pressure to reciprocate the love and generosity of loved ones wanting in on your new world. With a conscious approach, it is entirely possible to establish mutual understanding to ensure a harmonious and respectful connection, while making sure the well-being of your growing family remains the top priority for everyone involved. Read on for valuable tips to empower you to navigate new dynamics with confidence, love, and grace.

Reflect on your needs:

Take a moment to connect with yourself and your baby. Honor your true wishes and desires. Be ready to receive, but at the same time be mindful not to give yourself up to the expectations of others. Ask yourself: What do I need right now? What is best for my baby right now? What will bring us peace? When would visitors be helpful? Will this particular visit create extra work for me? If the answer to the last question is “yes”—that particular visit should kindly be a “no”.

STAY united with your partner:

Embrace a collaborative approach with your partner. Share your thoughts and expectations, creating a supportive environment that strengthens your relationship. Being a united front allows you both to navigate this journey hand-in-hand. 

Practice what you INTEND to communicate: 

Take small steps to practice expressing your thoughts and desires before communicating them. Voicing them out loud is an opportunity to grow more confident in sharing what works for you and your family.


Know that your friends and family want to help, but they may need some guidance on what is most meaningful to you. Communicate your needs with love and clarity, ensuring everyone understands what is helpful to you and what isn’t. Be open to accepting help that is offered, as long as it doesn’t take from your energy or create resentment inside of you. This approach encourages a supportive atmosphere and helps prevent future misunderstandings and hurt feelings.

Communication is key, but know that it won’t always unfold perfectly. When it feels like there’s a miscommunication, sometimes taking a step away to reflect is all that may needed—you’ll be suprised how often that brings new understandings. It’s ok to apologize as you realize your own mistakes, and ask for grace when you need it.


Know that each day will bring both new joys and challenges. Your family’s needs will be ever-evolving. Find quiet moments to check in with yourself and understand how the changes are affecting you. You should be repeating the exercise on a constant basis.


Let go of any guilt, hesitation, and other’s expectations of you. Instead, focus on the love and protection you’re providing. Create your structure as an expression of love and a nurturing environment for your growing family. Your friends and family should align with your needs, when they understand what’s best for you.

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