Little Honey Money

Building the Modern Village

An increasingly familiar scenario for today’s mom-to-be: Pregnant. In a major city. With a demanding job. Partner with an equally demanding job. Friends who lead fast-paced lives, spread across the city. Relatives scattered across three countries. In our modern world, nevermind it taking a village—moms today are primed to be taking motherhood on, on their absolute own.

The unrelenting force of the COVID-19 virus has further complicated today’s pre- and postnatal support options, presenting an entirely new set of obstacles. Never before have new moms and moms-to-be been more distanced from their “village”—in the most literal sense. While they’re currently being challenged in ways they never imagined, we can assume this pandemic won’t last forever, and hopefully soon, moms won’t have the added layer of stress to cope with.

Pandemic or otherwise, the long-term challenge moms are presented with is the fact that options for new motherhood support do exist, but it is still considered a luxury to have access to that support—birth and postpartum doulas, infant care specialists, lactation consultants, mental health providers, childcare providers, parenting coaches, physical therapists, specialty care for medical conditions—and the list goes on, dozens of times over. While these services undoubtedly benefit the health and wellbeing of moms and their babies, they are costly, even when insurance is an option. So much so, that many moms don’t even consider looking to these types of support systems. But the benefits of being properly supported from the very beginning of the pregnancy journey can alter a new family’s life exponentially for the better.

Little Honey Money was founded on the simple premise that support services for moms and moms-to-be are, in fact, essential, and we wish more women had access to them. We recently learned that the average American family is estimated to spend close to twenty thousand dollars in nursery and baby products during the first postpartum year. Stocking up for baby’s arrival is such an exciting part of becoming a new mother, but it often takes the spotlight away from what ultimately matters most—the wellbeing of the newborn family. It’s no wonder so many new moms find themselves overwhelmed by the pressures of motherhood, and that a lot of families suffer because of inadequate support. Our hope is to inspire women to look deeper into preparing for motherhood by focusing more on the support, wellness, and care that each one deserves.

Today, motherhood takes a modern village. Welcome to Little Honey Money

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