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Carson Meyer’s Must-Have Products for Pregnancy

When it comes to clean body care, there are few people’s recommendations we trust more than Carson Meyer’s. One could argue that her experience as a doula,  beauty entrepreneur, and mother-to-be are more than enough credentials to be considered a trustworthy maternal product specialist, but—to be fair, her expertise started long before she flourished into any of those roles. Born in Malibu to an environmental activist mother, Carson was raised knowing how the products we put in and onto our bodies affect our health. An awareness that most of us acquire well into adulthood—and in many cases, when entering motherhood—Carson’s deep-seated affinity for responsible product consumption is why we know that if she recommends something, it must be good. We were dying to know what products Carson is using during her first pregnancy, so we asked her. Read on for Carson Meyer’s must-have pregnancy products.

C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub

I formulated this scrub in my kitchen many years ago and it has been a go to product for so many of my clients in pregnancy. Now I am finally getting the chance to use it on my own pregnant body and it’s been such a special shower ritual. I recently took it with me to a babymoon in Mexico and it was so great for removing sunscreen after the beach and promoting a perfect glow!

Malibu Made Glow Oil

Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without this oil. I have really dry and frizzy hair and it is the only thing that I have found that soothes fly aways and adds the perfect weight to my hair without it being too oily and heavy. I also love it for breast and belly massage. So far not a single stretch mark. Thank you Glow Oil!

Birth Blessing Candle 

I created this candle as a way for mamas and their community to celebrate not only the birth of the baby, but also the birth of a mother. It smells delicious and is infused with rose quartz and a birth blessing. I light it when I meditate at my alter to set intentions around birth and my motherhood journey.

Needed Prenatal Vitamins

These supplements were created by a client of mine who is so knowledgeable about nutrition and health. So much thoughtfulness and intention was put into formulating these products and setting higher standards for prenatal supplements. Highly recommend! 

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Wishgarden Sleepy Nights For Pregnancy

I love this brand so much. They make incredible, well sourced tinctures for kids, adults, pregnancy and postpartum. They have remedies for just about anything you can think of. So many mamas struggle with sleep in pregnancy. So far I have been pretty lucky and sleep hasn’t been too much of an issue. However, I love keeping this at my bedside just in case for that occasional restless night.

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Ion Biome Skin & Nasal Spray

Springtime allergies are rough for me! This nasal spray has been really helpful in cleaning out sinuses and promoting a healthy barrier inside and out. The spray is my go to for all over my body to promote healthy strong skin and sun exposure.

Breggy’s Belly Butter

My bestie and doula make the world’s best belly butter. It is thick and rich and smells divine. I used to live next to her but now we’re across the country from each other. Using this belly butter fills me with her nourishing energy. I love it so much.

Massage Balls

My pelvic floor therapist Allison Oswald recommended these to me early in pregnancy when I was having a lot of lower back pain. The surge in relaxin created changes in my pelvis and hips that brought tension whenever I was on my feet or sitting for too long. These roller balls are a miracle! They gave me the ability to self massage by standing up against a wall and rolling the tension away. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.


With the intention to minimize babies’ exposure to disruptive sound waves in utero, I chose to opt out of electronic fetal monitoring throughout the majority of my pregnancy. However, I love hearing the baby’s heartbeat and tuning into the sounds inside the womb. I purchased this fetoscope at 18 weeks so that we could listen to our baby. There is something meditative to me in listening to the sounds baby hears—like my heart beat and stomach rumbles—and of course I love to hear baby’s heart beat.

Pregnancy Pillow 

I don’t think I will ever stop sleeping with a pregnancy pillow from here on out. It just makes side sleeping so much better. I like the Yana because it is made clean without the yucky toxic off-gas smell. I am very sensitive to materials and smells. Especially in pregnancy.

Bend Yoga Mat 

Once I discovered Bennd I never set foot on a plastic/ synthetic yoga mat again. These mats are so special and actually make me want to spend more time moving and meditating. 

Hatch Dream Feed Nursing and Sleep Bra

Never been a bra gal but those days are over. A supportive bra has been an essential part of pregnancy for me and I know that I will be getting lots of use out of it on the other side too! 

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Hatch Pointelle Nightgown

The softest fabric ever and cozy as can be. I know I will be living in this postpartum too.

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Evereden Sunscreen

My skin got really sensitive to sun through pregnancy. I am usually not big on sunscreen, but had to learn the hard way in pregnancy and got burned. I love Evereden because it is made without yucky toxic chemicals and formulated with zinc. One of the few sunscreens I feel safe using in pregnancy and in general. 

Raspberry Leaf, Nettle, Oat Straw  Tea

I try and drink this blend of loose leaf teas daily. Red raspberry leaf tea is known to have several benefits for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum—including preventing preterm labor and reducing rates of postpartum hemorrhage. Nettle is great for allergies and rich in minerals. Oat straw nourishes the nervous system.

You can find more of my favorite products here.

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