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How To Reduce Your Exposure To EMFs For Better Health

An Electromagnetic Field (EMF) is a continuous field that radiates electromagnetic energy in a wave-like pattern from one place to another. Radio Frequency (RF) radiation is EMF that is produced by things like cell phones, Bluetooth-enabled devices and “smart” technology.

These days, there are very few places with little or no influence of human-made EMF.  All wireless devices function by transmitting EMF radiation.  EMF isn’t a by-product of wireless communication; it’s how wireless communication works.

This is exceptionally important to recognize when it comes to children and pregnancy.  According to one study, “Children’s brains are more susceptible to hazardous exposures, and are thought to absorb higher doses of radiation from cell phones in some regions of the brain.”

Thousands of studies have established that EMF radiation has a negative effect on human health.  It’s been found that when radiation enters the body, it can cause DNA damage, mutation, and cell death, which can trigger various health issues including cancer, tumors, infertility, cognitive decline, memory loss and ADHD.  Scientists have pointed out that EMF radiation impacts each person differently and depends on many factors, such as: the frequency and duration of exposure, the cumulative effect over time, and one’s own genetic makeup and/or underlying health conditions. 

Ways you can reduce your exposure to EMFs:

Distance is your best defense.  Limit the time spent near devices.

Turn off or unplug the WiFi router at night.  It is constantly emitting EMFs, and is not needed while you sleep.

Create a tech-free sleep zone for yourself and children.  Watch out for “smart” or “Wifi-enabled” gadgets in the bedroom.

Download movies, podcasts, audio books and games.  Listen, watch and/or play in airplane mode with Bluetooth turned off.

EMF-shielding apparel, like Juunaday, can block wireless radiation and shield the body from close-contact exposure.

Marjorie Tong is the founder of Juunaday—the first and only activewear brand designed to shield pregnant bellie from the adverse effects of EMF radiation. Follow along on Instagram.

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