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A Curated LHM Registry: Haize Hawke’s Registry Must-Haves

We asked Haize Hawke, a Los Angeles-based doula, midwife, and heart-led spiritual facilitator to curate a Little Honey Money registry—and we knew she would deliver the most divine list for a new mom. As the founder of Get Rooted Doula Training: The Haize Way, Haize is conscious of what expectant mothers need most, to create a well-balanced environment for the arrival of a baby—starting with a stress-free mother. Naturally, Haize’s registry selects include holistic body work and spiritual practices for keeping a woman’s mind, body, and soul in healthy alignment. Read on for Haize’s registry must-haves—and remember, you can register for all of her items and more with Little Honey Money.

Haize Hawke’s Registry Must-Haves


The Birth Preparation Class is essential for getting families who follow the Ancient Birth Map into the correct mindset for the baby’s birth. Because having the right mindset is so important, any modality that helps the nervous system return to homeostasis is key for pregnancy preparation. Here are a few nervous system regulators that help prepare you and your body for pregnancy.


Acupuncture is an ancient technology that has proven beneficial in various ways. While there is some debate about whether it is safe for the First Trimester, I have found it to be both safe and life-changing for expecting mamas. Acupuncture can help with nausea and vomiting, reduce anxiety, increase energy, prevent constipation, reduce bloating, and help with sleep. During pregnancy, we just want to feel good and be healthy. Hanging over the toilet bowl is certainly not my idea of bringing in the energy of The Mother Goddess. Anything that can be done to support my clients and help them feel strong in their own bodies is a win for me! In the Second Trimester, depending on the need, seeing an acupuncturist every 2-4 weeks is ideal. Acupuncture during this trimester is brilliant for regulating the digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems, which are essential in maintaining a healthy, normal and uneventful full-term pregnancy. It can help prevent common symptoms such as cramps, sciatica, insomnia, hip pain, pelvic pain, rib pain, indigestion, back pain, and stress. In the Third Trimester, it is ideal to begin weekly treatments if there is a breech presentation. These treatments and techniques turn the baby naturally. The Third Trimester is also the time to support the baby’s optimal position, reduce high blood pressure, calm the mind, reduce anxiety, manage swelling, ripen the cervix, and reduce the length of labor. Natural induction treatments are also highly beneficial and really get things revving up. In the Fourth Trimester, acupuncture can help with milk production, prevent the Baby Blues and post-natal depression, boost energy levels, and aid in overall wellness. 


Guided Meditation is a powerful tool for mamas whose worries, fears, and concerns go unchecked. These fears can build up and become all-consuming, or even worse—they may cause the mother to freeze up entirely.  There have been many studies that have looked at how a pregnant woman’s stress affects the baby. One study completed at the University of Denver in 2016 showed that compared to normal babies, babies with stressed-out mothers showed a much higher sensitivity to stress and displayed more fearful expressions and behavior as toddlers. Meditation calms the “monkey-mind,”  slows incoming thoughts so they can be dealt with rationally, and raises the mother’s “breaking point.” Meditation also helps to lift the mamas out of depression by producing serotonin. Consistent meditation grows the area of the brain that shrinks when depressed. Finally, it all comes back to the simple phrase, “Happy mama, happy baby.” The mother-baby bond is of the utmost importance and, with patience, can be promoted through quiet, simple meditation. Just 15 minutes a day can change a defeatist attitude into one of victory. 


Although I’m not currently pregnant, this is my favorite section—I love a good massage! Pregnancy massages regulate hormone production, reduce stress levels, lift depression, alleviate back and leg pain, improve circulation, reduce swelling, relieve muscle cramps, and help fatigue and heartburn. It can even shorten labor and delivery time. In postpartum, it alleviates postoperative pain, improves mood, increases comfort in the body, and supports a healthier recovery. 


Music can be an emotional outlet for our bodies. It can help us regulate our breathing, lower our blood pressure and respirators, and decrease our pain. In fact, music changes our biology. When used developmentally, it can help us work through our fears and learn to let go. It can also support breathing and help you stay calm or focused. Not every laboring mama wants music playing—sometimes, it’s wise to change things up. Soundbaths can be highly restorative, allowing the nervous system to reset fully. Using vocal toning or various instruments is a powerful way to support the mother during labor. After birth, sound healing can help the nervous system settle into a parasympathetic response, which is essential for hormone production and bonding. I find that doing sound healing during pregnancy also helps the pregnant mama make good choices from a mindset of peace instead of fear or anxiety.


Reiki is Japanese for “Universal Life Energy”—a natural healing system. It lowers cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and allows the mother’s brain to go into a meditative state. From my studies and experience, it is highly safe and beneficial. Reiki can help mamas sleep better and get them more in tune with their bodies. Pregnancy and motherhood are not easy, so I’m always happy to champion anything that acts as a natural coping mechanism. Pregnancy is a time of rapid change, and reiki is a beautiful way to make everything so much more manageable. It can facilitate deep and complete relaxation, promote balance and healing, and give the mother an overall state of well-being. Reiki has also been studied in several cases. A clinical study at The Hartford Hospital in Connecticut discovered that Reiki reduced stress and anxiety during pregnancy by 94%, pain by 78%, nausea and morning sickness by 80%, and improved sleep quality by 86%. Postpartum, reiki can give mothers a safe and supportive way to reintroduce themselves to their bodies. It helps the body stimulate its own natural healing, bringing it back into balance and alignment. Reiki is also very helpful in easing postpartum depression and anxiety. It is wonderful for promoting healing from a traumatic birth. I’m a fan! 


Reflexology is a type of massage for the feet, hands, and ears that promotes relaxation and wellness in different parts of the body. Massaging the feet and specific points over the body can send calming signals through the nerves, and to the brain, reducing tension and stress. Although not many studies have been done on reflexology, feedback from my clients tells me that this is one you should not miss out on! 

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