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A Curated LHM Registry: Nikki Bostwick’s Registry Must-Haves

We asked Nikki Bostwick, wellness expert and founder of THE FULLEST, to curate a Little Honey Money registry—and, naturally, it’s full of maternal wellness and mom-of-two wisdom. Nikki is passionate about sharing holistic wellness content, through THE FULLEST’s editorial, podcast, and botanical product line, and has amassed a large audience of those who prioritize their wellbeing and crave advice from Nikki and THE FULLEST’s perspective. Her experience with early motherhood, that has guided her curated registry, is yet another way for new and expectant mothers to take meaningful advice from Nikki personally. Read on for Nikki Bostwick’s registry must-haves—and remember, you can register for all of her items and more with Little Honey Money.

Nikki Bostwick’s Registry Must-Haves

Acupuncture & Infant Acupressure

In the first trimester acupuncture can help with morning sickness and other symptoms and as your belly grows it can also assist with swelling or aches and pains—not to mention preparing the body for birth. For new bubs, it can also be a gently nourishing treatment, especially if they’re struggling with digestive or colic issues.

Postpartum Massage

Your body goes through a lot during birth—even if you had a “seamless” pregnancy. Giving it back some nourishment is such a beautiful thing—just make sure to choose someone that is skilled specifically in postpartum massage as your body is still healing and your organs are going back into place!

Prenatal & Birth Doula

The emotional support of a doula was so helpful for me in my pregnancies. Having someone that has been through this experience and is full of both wisdom and care allowed me to relax more into my journey up to birth and through the labor. They are also there to help guide you through choosing the right north plan so you can clearly communicate it with your OBGYN or Midwife.

Chiropractic Care

If you’ve ever had a spinal or postural issue, the extra weight of pregnancy can cause it to flare. Chiropractic adjustments can help counter this as well prepare your body for birth by opening up your pelvis. It also supports your baby’s development along the way and is a great treatment for you and baby postpartum as well.


I fully understand this may not be possible for everyone, but if you’re a working mom, paying for someone to come and take care of a weekly, or even a monthly clean provides so much value and gives you time back with your kids, partner, or self! Don’t feel guilty as you’re already doing so much. Allow yourself to be supported.

Lactation Consultant

Nursing can be tricky but it is such a beautiful act and highly beneficial for your growing baby. If you have challenges breastfeeding or want extra support like I did, a lactation consultant can help you with ways to nurse, feeding times, and more. Before thinking of moving to formula, please give a consultant a try.


For my second pregnancy I opted for a certified nurse midwife for a home delivery. It was the most magical birth experience being able to deliver my daughter at home, not to mention a much more enjoyable process than going into a OBGYN clinic for my prenatal appointments—which I did for my first birth with my son. If you’re at all curious about working with a midwife, I highly recommend looking into this option. Most people around the world including all over Europe use Midwives and you can also deliver with a midwife at a birth center or hospital — they typically are more hands off and natural than a regular OBGYN and are trained to do basically everything a regular OBGYN can do.

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

We often hear that the pelvic floor is important but until you give birth you don’t realize the role it plays in your overall health. Recently, we had the founder of Origin, a virtual PT pelvic health platform, on THE FULLEST Podcast and learned so much. They offer virtual care for busy moms to help strengthen and heal postpartum—without leaving home. Definitely check them out!

Placenta Encapsulation

This is the process of turning your placenta into capsules that you can take post birth. As the placenta is incredibly rich in iron and vitamins like B6 and B12, it’s a great supplement to take as your healing and has been said to improve breast milk production, balance out hormones, and even reduce chances of postnatal depression.

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has been something that has served me for many years and coming into my first and second pregnancies, I knew I was going to lean on it for support. The way its postures open the pelvis, ground you into your body, and connect you to your breath are invaluable tools for labor and birth.

Prenatal Education Classes

Personally, and also at THE FULLEST, we believe that every mother’s experience is her own. However, learning from other mothers, doulas, and birth experts can guide your journey. For me, prenatal education classes provided lots of incredible information and preparation and gave me the confidence to form my own birth plan.

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