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The 2023 Little Honey Money Holiday Wellness & Self-Care Guide

With all of the pressures that come with this time of year, we encourage you to take a breath and make space for what matters most—your health. Whether it’s boosting your immune system or your mood, our Wellness and Self-Care Guide is rich with the little luxuries that will help you feel your best through it all. And, we’ve collected some discount codes from our friends, partners, and brands who are all about better health for mothers everywhere. As always, this one’s for you.  


ION* Gut Support

This miraculous supplement strengthens the immune system, protects from negative environmental factors, and promotes gut health on a cellular level.

Motherbees Mama Omega-3s

For pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond, this omega-3 supplement offers the purest form essential nutrition for brain, eye, and nervous system support.

code: LHM10 for 10%

The Fullest Warm Feelings Saffron Latte

This caffeine-free latte has become one of our favorite night-time calming rituals. With its anti-inflammatory properties, ancient use of saffron has many proven benefits, including reduced anxiety and depression. Ideal during postpartum recovery.

code: LITTLEHONEYMONEY15 for 15%

Cymbiotika Liposomal Glutathione

This powerful antioxidant is the best-tasting liposomal glutathione out there. Good for immune support, gut and liver health, and detoxification. In pre-conception, glutathione can improve egg quality by protecting them from damage caused by oxidative stress.

Trace Minerals ConcenTrace® Trace Mineral Drops

Add natural minerals to your everyday beverages to support your physical and mental well-being. And, if you’re pregnant, always a bonus when you can get extra dose of essential minerals to support your baby’s health, in addition to your own.

ARMRA Colostrom Immune Revival

Support your whole body health in flavorless powder form. Add to water for immune system and microbiome support, and to activate cellular renewal for healthy skin—amongst other benefits.

Agni Sesame Nori Seasoning

Our favorite seasoning to add to everything—and, it’s intentionally nourishing for hormone health during every phase of motherhood.

code: LITTLEHONEYMONEY for additional 5%

Anima Mundi Apothecary Moringa Powder

Energy-boosting and with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, this powder is makes for a delicious morning latte. And, for breastfeeding mothers, can help support healthy lactation.

Chiyo Black Sesame Oil

This oil is a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic staple, with its variety of uses, including nourishment in recipes, on skin and hair—and even stretch marks. We’re all for its antioxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

code: LHM30for $30 off $100 purchase

Zuma Nutrition Liposomal Guava Leaf Zinc Tonic

A tasty tonic packed with zinc and vitamin C to support your immune system during cold and flu seasons. Zinc is also an important nutrient to combat postpartum hair loss.

Agent Nateur Holi (Mane)

We love this ethically-sourced marine collagen and pure pearl powder for hair, skin, and nail health.

code: HOLIDAY25 for 25%

One Sun Farms Grain Free Granola with Chocolate

Made with all-organic ingredients, this chewy granola makes for a delicious breakfast, snack, or treat.

Miami Fruit Variety Box

Nourish yourself with seasonal, tropical fruits sustainably harvested in Miami, delivered to your door. We love their rare and unique selections, like pitaya, longans, mangosteen, rambutan and more—including a few exotic imports.  


Esker Dry Brush

Stimulate your lymphatic system and improve circulation with the ancient practice of dry brushing. Use for skin exfoliation as a first step before a nourishing bath, during the dry winter months.

Shiva Rose Venus Amber Milk Bath

Unwind with this beautifully luxurious bath soak, full of vitamins, minerals, and nourishing goat milk.

C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub

Our favorite body scrub, made with love in Malibu by doula Carson Meyer. Pure, clean ingredients to replenish and hydrate the skin.

code: LHM15 for 15%

Surya Spa Limited Edition Rose Body Oil

Custom-made in limited quantity by Martha Soffer. Full of love, wisdom, and infused with roses and herbs—this oil is pure magic. All of her products are intentionally created in harmony with nature—just one of many reasons we call Martha the “Godmother of Ayurveda”.

Earth & Nest Linen Face Sponge

Use this soft and delicate reusable facial sponge as part of your skin cleansing routine. Made with 100% natural cotton linen.

Oak Essentials Restorative Mask

This gentle mask with natural ingredients works for all skin types and is especially hydrating for winter months. We love the brand’s commitment to clean skincare.   

code: HOLIDAY23 for 15%

Circell Amethyst Eye Mask

Lay down and relax with this amethyst stone mask. With its high vibrations and calming properties, it combats negative energy while promoting elastin and collagen production. Try it over your skin masks and eye serums to enhance the benefits of them.

Milky Oat x Moon Canyon Sitz Bath, Healing Body Oil, & Flower Essence Blend

A beautifully nourishing trio for postpartum mothers, focused on healing the mind, body, and soul. Made with botanical ingredients, using Mother Earth’s ancient wisdom.

code: LHM15 for 15%

Integrative Organics Elemental Mineral Mist

A natural skin toner that uses minerals like copper, potassium, and silver as key ingredients to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Summer Solace Chest & Muscle Rub, Tallow Balm

A natural balm to help you feel better when you’re under the weather. Made with calendula, essential oils, and regenerative tallow to alleviate congestion from illness and allergies.


Wilde House Paper The Reset Guide

Make time for your inner well-being. Reflect on your past, connect with your present, and move forward with intention—guided by this workbook.

Rituals Incense Copal Blanco Resin

Harvested from Oaxacan trees, this ceremonial-grade resin has been used by Ancient civilizations in Mexico and Central America for purification and medicinal purposes. Burn copal to uplift and clarify your space.

Carrie Moss Energy Healing

End of year is a perfect time to tune into your personal energy field and guide it’s flow for optimal health and well-being. Energy healing can be effective in helping you find more balance and joy, no matter where you are on your motherhood journey. Carrie Moss offers support from a distance.

Jenna Zoë Human Design: The Revolutionary System That Shows You Who You Came Here To Be

A self-discovery book to help you find your authentic path and purpose. Find less resistance and more ease on your journey.

Lori Bregman The Mama Portal

Super doula Lori Bregman has launched a new community to find connection and support through online discussions and resource-sharing with other new and expectant mothers. Join the waitlist now to secure your space in the community launching early 2024.


Higher Dose Red Light Face Mask

Red light therapy promotes skin rejuvenation and helps boost your mood at the same time. Leaving you glowing on the inside and out.

code: HDBFCM for 20% off

Somavedic Vedic

This device is one of our favorite products to mitigate the effects of EMF and cell radiation in the home.

code: GET20 for 20%

Clearly Filtered Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle

Clean drinking water is a non-negotiable. This bottle helps ensure you have access to filtered water wherever your journey takes you.

Above all else, make sure to get some sunshine, move your body, and lean into the intangible things that bring you peace, love, and joy this holiday season.

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