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The 2024 Little Honey Money Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Celebrate the nurturing spirit of motherhood with our 2024 Mother’s Day gift guidea curated selection of thoughtful presents designed to honor you and the incredible mothers in your life. As always, we’re highlighting the importance of nourishing the mother’s body, mind, and soul. This Mother’s Day, express your gratitude and love with gifts that intentionally recognize care for mothers everywhere.

Energy Healing

We love an energy healing session like acupuncture, reiki, quantum healing, and sound healing as a gift. These modalities offer a beautiful opportunities to nourish mothers’ spirits and souls—where they often need it most.

Saint Jane Superflower Detox Radiance Refresh Serum

A luxurious, all-natural skin serum packed with nutrients and an uplifting scent for morning or evening beauty routines. Mix with tinted moisturizer for an all-day glow.

High Light Rituals Crystal Strand Bracelet in Rose Quartz

Nurture the love and inner harmony for the mothers in your life with this exquisite strand of crystal beads, representing the seeds of heartfelt intentions. This layering bracelet, delicate and refined for everyday wear, becomes a constant affirmation to be open to love in all its forms.

Higher Dose Red Light Face Mask

This relaxing and effective treatment warms the skin, boosts your mood, and enhances your skin’s natural glow. After just one session, you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated. 

Cookma’s Mother’s Day Bundle

Cookma has partnered with two women-owned brands, Leaves and Flowers, and Poppy & Someday, to offer the ultimate care package: a complete kit of delicious, restorative products to promote ease and pleasure.

Walden Meditation Cushion & Mat Set

We love this luxurious meditation set—handcrafted with a soft touch, natural buckwheat fill, and memory foam. Invite more mindfulness and presence for the special mother in your life with this set.

Wilding’s Empress Collection

Wilding’s comprehensive facial gua sha starter set offers a transformative three-step regimen that visibly lifts, plumps, tones, and sculpts the skin. Ideal for the beauty enthusiast mother, this set promises to enhance and elevate her skincare routine.

Eterne Weekend Wear

Crafted from a blend of lightweight cotton and modal, Eterne’s relaxed fit ensures a flattering and comfortable wear. Perfect for the mother seeking both comfort and sophistication in her attire.

Emilia George Gift Card

Emilia George, one of our favorite NY-based online destinations, offers everyday essentials and occasion-worthy indulgences that mothers love and trust.

The Fullest Warm Feelings Saffron Latte

This caffeine-free latte has become one of our favorite night-time calming rituals. With its anti-inflammatory properties, ancient use of saffron has many proven benefits, including reduced anxiety and depression. Ideal during postpartum recovery.

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Massages & Facials

Tried and true, massages and facials are perfect Mother’s Day gifts—they offer relaxation, rejuvenation, and a chance for mothers to pamper themselves, promoting well-being and showing body appreciation.

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