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The Little Honey Money Wellness and Self-Care Gift Guide

This year especially, there’s little that matters more than well-being. Our 2020 Little Honey Money Holiday Gift Guide is here to help new moms feel their best with wellness and self-care essentials—while also supporting Black-owned, female-founded, founder-lead, and local businesses.

Healing, Relaxation, & Wellness Services

While rest and relaxation doesn’t come easy these days, new moms deserve it more than ever. In Los Angeles, Vie Healing offers a number of holistic services, including massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping—to address issues like stress and physical discomforts, and to promote immunity and well-being. Similarly, Elysia Life Care offers a number of wellness services for fertility and reproductive health at all stages of the new motherhood journey. Businesses like these are taking extra measures to provide safe in-studio services during this time—others may even offer at-home services.

Daytime and Overnight Support Services

For a mom in the throes of the newborn months, overnight support is one of the greatest gifts she could ask for. Imagine getting a few extra hours of sleep while baby is under the watchful eye of a professional caregiver—this kind of service is simply unmatched. A Postpartum Doula is a great option, who would typically take care of the mom and baby for an extended period of time. Many doulas, like Jovan Sage, offer additional holistic and nutrition services to care for the new mother. Newborn Care Specialists are also a great option for support—like the Los Angeles-based Darlings and Lovelies, who offers day and nighttime services, in addition to other specialized support for new parents. Caregivers are accustomed to additional safety protocols.

Maternity Education

Help a mom-to-be become more informed and empowered as they enter motherhood. There are a number of modern-day maternity education communities that offer classes, workshops, support circles, coaching, and other resources to help guide a new mama’s journey—including Loom, Mama Glow, and The Sibyls, to name a few. As expected, most resources are available digitally right now.

A Prenatal or Postpartum Care Package

It doesn’t get better than a gift bundle that covers all the essentials for a new mom. Nurtured 9’s The Replenish and Restore New Mom/Postpartum Gift Box is a wonderfully-curated gift box, while Earth Mama Organics has the option to BYOB—Build Your Own Bundle.

A Space In A Virtual New Mom Group

These days, Mommy-and-Me classes have taken the form of online meetups for new moms. It has become an increasingly-popular way to find guidance and community while in the safety of home—no matter where you live. Celebrity Doula Lori Bregman offers a highly-coveted Mindful Mom-To-Be Virtual Group Coaching Program that runs twelve weeks at a time. Meanwhile, Dear Sunday Motherhood offers a six-week meetup in addition to highly informative webinar events. And, Life After Birth holds a weekly Postpartum Circle and a Monthly Parenting Support Circle.

Virtual or Socially-Distanced Fitness Classes

For the mama who aims to maintain her physical strength during pregnancy, prenatal pilates is a wonderful way to safely do so. Many studios are currently offering virtual and socially-distanced outdoor group classes, while highly-coveted personal trainers, like Pilates by Amanda, have created virtual series that are now accessible to women everywhere—her Prenatal Series is coming soon. Similarly, Claire Grieve, a celebrity yoga specialist in Los Angeles, is currently offering virtual classes and wellness services, supporting women from pregnancy to postpartum and beyond.

Herbs, Superfoods, and Adaptogens

The wellness-loving mama in your life will be happy to stock her pantry with modern-day goods that carry health benefits, like those from Moon Juice, Peak + Valley, and Bellocq. For superfood supplement powders that are specific to new motherhood, Seedlyfe is the well-mamas’ go-to.

Nutritious Meal Deliveries

Food is the way to every mom’s heart—and by that, we mean, food that is already prepared and ready to eat. Since many local restaurants are offering family-style deliveries, there’s a good chance mama’s favorite spot has an option that will make her night easy and enjoyable. There are also a number of prepared meal delivery subscriptions that cater to various lifestyle and dietary needs. Sakara, Methodology, and Kitchen Doula are a few new mom-faves. Making mealtime easy for mom is sure to be a well-received gift.

Skin and Body Care Essentials

Can’t go wrong with body products for a new mom or mom-to-be. Choosing clean products that are safe for pregnancy and nursing are key—brands like C and The Moon, Erbaviva, 3rd Ritual, and Àse Naturals are just a few mindful options. And, specific for motherhood—Matrescence offers a wide selection of safe products.

Ritual Goods

Give the gift of good vibes with ritual items like healing crystals, sage, palo, santo, copal, and aromatherapy oils. Bloomist offers a wide assortment of these items, including the Copal Incense Sticks and Incense Holder, as well as a Sweetgrass and Selenite Smudge Stick bundle that includes sage and palo santo. Primally Pure, in addition, offers a small selection of high-quality ritual goods.

A Gua Sha Stone

From facials to circulation and anti-inflammation and so many other benefits, the wellness-loving mama is sure to find her favorite uses with this ancient Chinese tool. And, for a new mom who happens to be nursing, gua sha can even help to relieve and prevent clogged milk ducts. A gua sha like Herbivore’s comes with the added metaphysical properties of rose quartz. And, for a three-part facial set, Wildling’s Empress Collection comes with botanical skincare products along with the gua sha tool.

A Sleep Mask or Eye Pillow

A little luxury for a mom-to-be or new mom to get a little more rest. Lunya has many comfortable (and washable) sleep mask options. La Petite Leonne has a calming Lavender Eye Pillow made with plant-dyed organic cotton.

A Gift Card To A Local Coffee Shop

No matter the time of day, a new mom and her coffee tend to go hand-in-hand. Treating mom to a gift card from her favorite local coffee shop is a great way to support a local business, while giving mom a delicious form of fuel. Shops like Love Coffee Bar in Santa Monica and Ground Support in New York City are two gems that are sure to brighten a new mama’s day.

A Supportive Gesture

There are so many ways to make a new mama’s day, through seemingly small gestures. Find a way to put little luxuries in front of her. A few ideas: Leave a home-cooked meal or her favorite coffee on her doorstep, and text her once you’ve left it. Offer to come watch the monitor during baby’s naptime, so she can rest her mind and take time for herself (note: it wouldn’t hurt to let her know you’ll get a COVID test in advance and wear a mask, without her having to ask). Make a grocery run for her, and be sure to include some ready-made deli items like soups, salads, and roasts. Most importantly, expect nothing in return, and go the extra distance to make sure she doesn’t feel any obligation to host you.

Consider A Charitable Donation

With so many moms dealing with unbearably-challenging times, consider a donation to charities that support mothers in need. We invite you to join our fundraiser with Every Mother Counts by clicking here to donate and learn more. Every Mother Counts is in pursuit of birth equity for all women. Additionally, there are also a number of organizations that support Black mothers and birthing women, including The National Birth Equity Collaborative and Black Mamas Matter Alliance.

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