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Why Carson Meyer’s Growing Together Circle Is What All Pregnant Women Need Right Now

A woman’s journey to new motherhood is uniquely her own, but it was never meant to be done alone. Navigating pregnancy has taken sharp turns over the last few years, leaving many expectant women with feelings of isolation during a fragile period in their lives—except for those who know where to look.

We are living in extraordinary times, where many truths are uncertain—highly debated at the very least—and public health concerns for maternal women are ever-changing. Let us never forget those early months of the pandemic, when many women in America gave birth in hospitals without their partner or other chosen support people by their side—because support during labor was deemed nonessential at that time. Imagine the vulnerability of preparing to give birth alone, in a setting known to serve the interests of the establishment above the needs of the birthing mother. A stark contrast to the idea that we should be surrounding women with support and nourishment before, during, and after childbirth—and treating maternal support as essential as it truly is. 

Doulas became super heroes during that dark time. Nurturing and full of wisdom, doulas provided pregnant women and their growing families with the support they deserved, in spite of the added and ever-present uncertainties. They helped women gracefully navigate the ebbs and flows of pregnancy, while also teaching them grounding practices amidst widespread chaos. The support was monumental, for those who knew to seek out a doula. 

And, when expectant women across our country needed it the most, Growing Together was born. Created and hosted by the highly-sought doula Carson Meyer, who has supported hundreds of women during pregnancy and birth, Growing Together became a brilliant new resource that brought women together on common ground and empowered them to rise above the fears they were facing. With her gentle angelic demeanor and fiercely intuitive soul, the way Carson consciously guides women to motherhood is the type of support maternal women everywhere should have the benefit of experiencing. “Carson encouraged me to trust my motherly intuition,” said Monica Walsh, a client of Carson’s in Los Angeles. “She has this gentle energy that holds space to step into power and shine into motherhood.” For the first time, through Growing Together, Carson’s wisdom became available to those far beyond her geographical reach.

Two years in, Growing Together’s virtual circle has continued to serve as a trusted face-to-face resource for expectant women to find community and naturally healthy answers about their pregnancy, labor, postpartum and everything in between. With weekly online meetings and an ongoing group text with Carson, women who are part of the group find themselves ingrained with holistic wellness, support, and communal love—the things that truly matter the most, no matter how each individual journey looks. 

As Growing Together is currently preparing for a new twelve-week session beginning in July, Carson herself is expecting her first child—which means she’ll be truly growing together with the other women in the group this time. Those who are currently expecting won’t want to miss the opportunity for this communal experience, paving the way for a beautiful entry to motherhood.

Click here to join Growing Together. And be sure to follow Carson Meyer on instagram for every day maternal wisdom. 

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