Little Honey Money

The Little Honey Money Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s time we talk about the dads. Our 2022 Little Honey Money Father’s Day Gift Guide is here to help new dads feel their best with wellness and self-care essentials—and some well-deserved luxuries.


This is a no-brainer. Help a new dad relieve some stress with a massage. Gift him a deep tissue or try lymphatic drainage for added health benefits—relaxation, an immune boost, and a detox, all in one. Many practitioners can accommodate at-home services, which can be extra helpful for a new dad who is strapped for time. 

Fitness Classes

For the dad who loves to workout, the gift of fitness classes is a surefire winner. With most fitness classes back to live and in-person training, Barry’s Bootcamp, Orange Theory, and Y7 Studio are a few faves that make a perfect gift.


The dad who has a taste for the finer things is sure to enjoy the delectable gift of caviar. The sustainably sourced ROE Caviar has a selection of gift sets that are beautifully presented and truly gourmet. 

Acupuncture & Cupping

These alternative therapies make great gifts for a health-conscious dad or one that’s in need of targeted healing. 

Percussive Therapy Devices 

Give the dad in your life deep muscle relief with a massage therapy gun, like Theragun by Therabody—the GOAT of massage guns. 

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy can work wonders in calming the nervous system—gift a session to the dad in your life so he can experience the benefits firsthand.

Adaptogens and Supplements

Help a dad stock his wellness pantry with goods from Apothékary, Superfeast, and Cymbiotika.

Infrared Sauna & Red Light Therapy 

For the Dads who seek alternative and modern wellness practices—infrared light therapy is known to improve health in a number of ways, including detoxifying, boosting immunity, promoting skin health, and fostering deeper sleep. Many studios that offer red light therapies also offer a number of other wellness services for mind and body health, like Alive + Well in Austin.

Wearable Health Tracking Devices 

Help a new dad monitor his health on the daily with a Fitbit, Whoop, Garmin Smartwatch, or, the chicest of them all—the Oura Ring.

Meditation Goods

Bring more zen into a new dad’s life. Gift him a session at a local mediation studio—or, bring the zen vibes to him, with meditation cushion and mat sets like the ones from Standard Dose and Walden. Include a subscription to Headspace to complement it.


Halotherapy makes a unique and relaxing gift for a new dad—an alternative healing treatment in a spa-like setting. Urban salt caves typically have added service offerings, like reiki and sound healing at Montauk Salt Cave in New York.

Gourmet At Home

If food is the way to the guy’s heart, you can never go wrong with giving him a gourmet meal. Arrange takeout from an upscale restaurant or hire a private chef to prepare his favorite dishes.

Photo Album

Print photos and make a good old-fashioned album with pictures of the special dad and his precious babies. A little something sentimental for him to cherish.

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