Little Honey Money

A baby registry that puts parents in control.

Little Honey Money is a cash fund baby registry that gives growing families the gift of whole family wellness. Friends and family can contribute funds towards the things you need the most, like essential support in the form of doula care, breastfeeding support, meal deliveries, and so much more.

You know what you need most, and with Little Honey Money you can ensure you’re spending on everything you need, and absolutely nothing you don’t.

Welcome to New Motherhood.

The journey to motherhood looks different for everyone. No matter how you got here, trust that you’ve arrived at a supportive, all-inclusive resource dedicated to supporting your family before, during, and after the newborn transition.

Little Honey Money makes sure whole family wellness is always at the top of your list—whatever that looks like for your growing family.


Little Honey Money is founded on the simple premise that happier, healthier babies start with parents and siblings that are supported. We make it possible to put essential support and wellness at the top of your list — whatever that looks like for your family.


Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you get there. You can simply set aside funds, so you can rest assured that you’re set up with the support you need —without the endless research and aggregation.


Browse our editorial content and connect with experts in our community. Countdown to your baby’s arrival with the peace of mind that your gifted funds are fluid and can be used when and where they’re needed most. Little Honey Money is with you every baby step of the way.

A letter from the founder.

When I was pregnant with our first baby, I used an online baby registry service. Like many new parents, I spent countless hours researching products to ensure I was prepared with everything our baby might need. Not knowing any better, I thought the happiness and well-being of our baby would lie solely on selections of the “Best Of” product lists I endlessly researched. However, we soon realized we ended up with so much of all the wrong things.

When our second baby was on the way, I didn’t register for anything. By then, I knew that we would make better choices on what to buy if we waited to meet him first, and that our baby’s well-being wasn’t dependent on any tangible thing we could buy. Rather, it would be the essential care we would give to him—and to ourselves—that would make the biggest difference.

We also knew that spending a little less money on baby products would allow us to have more money for the support and care that were crucial for our family. However, there just wasn’t a resource available for us to comfortably ask our loved ones to make contributions in lieu of gifts—and one that we could manage and allocate both how and when we needed to.

The mission of Little Honey Money is to provide that resource to new parents. We help new families get exactly what they need, when they need it—because we know every journey is different, and it’s hard to know what you need until you get there.

Erica Ignjatovic, Founder